When Mom Deploys-Hardback

When Mom Deploys-Hardback



The children of military personnel face the trauma and anxiety of separation due to deployments. Parents are often not equipped with the knowledge or tools that they need to provide comfort through these challenging times. In an easy to understand and entertaining format, this book opens the conversation about deployments. Parents will be able to give children an understanding of what is occurring and empower them to continue to grow and learn and develop their own inner strength and coping strategies. 

Reviews for When Mom Deploys and When Dad Deploys:

These stories remind me how important it is to help kids deal with the separation, sadness and worry that surface often in the military child’s experience. These books are a fantastic resource with amazing illustrations that give the framework of courage and strength through the journey of characters that children can relate to. Delightfully realistic and helpful for parents and caregivers!

Julia Watson - Carlson

(Mom who deployed and had to leave her children multiple times.)

Master Sergeant, USMC (Ret) 

This is such a good book for families who have a parent in the military deploying. It explains things so that children can understand better what is going on and why mom or dad has to go away. The illustrations make it fun to read. I like that the author is a mom and a combat veteran so I know she has been through the same things she writes about. I highly recommend this book as well as the others books by Leslie Zimmerman. 

All parents, grandparents, and caregivers of military children/youth of deployed parents should have this book. Perfect bedtime story!

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